The Unknown



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Bensen, D. R. (Ed.). New York: Pyramid (1970). . Second printing. Paperback. Pyramid T2326. 192 pp. Foreword by Isaac Asimov. Psychedelic cover art by Brad Johannsen. “78” in ink to first page. Contains The Misguided Halo by Henry Kuttner; Prescience by Nelson S. Bond; Yesterday Was Monday by Theodore Sturgeon; The Gnarly Man by L. Sprague de Camp; The Bleak Shore by Fritz Leiber; Trouble With Water by H. L. Gold; Doubled and Redoubled by Malcolm Jameson; When it Was Moonlight by Manly Wade Wellman; Mr. Jinx by Robert Arthur; Snulbug by Anthony Boucher; and Armageddon by Fredric Brown. Book: Very Good. Dust Jacket: .